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Doggy Day Care

Adore All Pet Care Service's Doggy Day Care

is about offering a secure, home style environment to your dog 7 days a week.

Our doggy play yard is open to them for the day.

They will have the company of other dogs and us humans to!

Doggy day care prices

Weekdays $20

Weekends $25

Public Holidays $30

Special needs dog with extra care required Weekdays only $40 per day

Your dog will enjoy play time interaction with the other dogs in doggy day care or if not playful can be an avid observer.

 Active or sleepy they will be secure, safe and happy.

We have shelter for wet weather days and will conduct our interactive playtime sessions around this to ensure your dog 

is as dry as possible. Some dogs however love playing in the rain, we will towel dry them for transport home

 however do suggest you bring a doggy towel for the car trip home. 

Coats can be provided, however we do suggest a coat be on your dog at drop off if you want them to remain as dry as possible.

We are positive they will enjoy themselves, they will learn to interact and play with the other dogs

 and will really enjoy coming. Our customers often tell us their dogs know exactly where they are going and get very excited walking up the front pathway.

We are on hand during the day and will enjoy playtime with the dogs and swap the toys in the yard regularly to keep the fun new and exciting for them. We also have junior staff come in each afternoon after school to pamper, play and walk the dogs in our care.

During the warmer days we also offer play pools which most dogs love. So bring a towel when picking them up to dry them off before getting in the car.

Interactive add on service's 30 minutes - add $16

- Dog walk

- Dog swim playtime

Interactive add on service's 30 minutes - add $22.50

- 1 on 1 dog training

Pamper add on service's - add $20

- Dog bathed, dried & brushed (short haired)

- Dog brushed and clipped around eyes (long haired)

Drop Off's and Collection's

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 10am OR 3.30pm - 5.30pm

Weekends: 10 - 11am OR 4 - 5pm

Public Holidays: 10.30am - 11am OR 5pm - 5.30pm

Time is by appointment during those times.

 If you have a special need with other times, talk to the team at Adore All Pet Care they will try to accommodate your needs..

Click here to book your Doggy Day Care visit now


Small to medium sized dogs only,

Our doggy day care is an outside program 

Current Flea & Worm control required,

Vaccination Certificate to be presented,

They must be socialised with other dogs,

No aggressive dogs cared for.